Top Effective Writing Apps to Perfect Your Writing 

Working on a complex writing assignment? Launching an important writing project? Need to make sure that the text is just flawless? No matter what the case of yours is, it is critical to have effective story writing apps in your toolbox. Even if you have many years of writing experience and know how it works, it is always good to have a handy tool to guide you and highlight some issues that you may have missed out.

In this article, we have collected top effective and easy-to-use on-line apps to assist in making your drafting project a success. All the best drafting apps are sorted in accordance with types of projects you might be composing for.

Top creative writing apps 


Grammarly is a handy tool for those who want to perfect their writing. It is one of the free writing apps that generate winning drafting suggestions and highlight issues in the text. Ensure a high writing quality with flawless grammar, crispness, accuracy, comprehensibility, and no spelling or punctuation mistakes. All you need to do is to submit the text into the system and get the results in less than a minute. The app will highlight the problematic parts of your text, suggest how to fix them, and will provide the explanation per each case.

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Evernote Web

Evernote is a place where you can take all kinds of notes, set deadlines, and turn on reminders. With the solution, you will be always on track without forgetting about any important affairs to do. It’s also a great platform where you can start writing – with a clear, effortlessly accessible interface, nothing will disturb you. Use Evernote to stay organized and easily juggle and run numerous drafting projects at a time.

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Google Docs

This on-line word processing app helps you in creating, editing, as well as storing any documents. What is more, you are also able to share access to your works with other people by simply sending them a link to the document. The Google Docs app is beneficial when you are in need collaborating with other people on a project. Share access with an editor to edit the text or send it to a project manager to approve the copy.

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This on-line drafting app combines project managing and editing caracteristics. It boasts of version control features that allow the one to keep track of any changes made inside the doc. Another good thing about Draft is that it can work and synchronizes with other on-line apps for drafting on pictures.

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The apps for blogging


Enables you to start sharing your thoughts and views, narratives, and works with the universe in Medium. Being an on-line platform of a couple of well-recognized publications, Medium is also a perfect place to share your texts if you would like to introduce your experience and perspective list to a wide audience. Add Medium to the list of your apps for drafting.

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It is a popular content management system that will help you launch a blog or any other website in a few seconds. No technical knowledge or programming experience is needed to make use of the software. With WordPress, you are able to start customized blogs and get into sharing them on any custom site you choose.

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Distraction-free apps for writing

You may be distracted by different things when working on the first draft or finalizing our writing. The temptation to go to social media platforms, check on-line notifications, or google some news might steal a lot of your time leading to failing the deadline. There is a number of destruction-free apps that give you the chance to write in peace and allocate all your attention to this task only.

Microsoft Word

This one – is among the highest popularity and widely-known text processing apps. Apart from being a perfect application for text drafting and editing, Microsoft Word can also be utilized for focused type of drafting. Have you ever heard of this feature? By turning on the “focus mode,” the one can hide all the toolbars of Word and reduce the distraction risks.

Where can be used: Desktop app for Mac


The solution is a distraction-free tool for Mac. With the WriteRoom app, you can create a full-screen writing environment thus “focus on writing” only without using any other programs or surfing the Internet.

Where can be used: Desktop app for Mac

iA Writer

The iA Writer program blocks all the distractions and creates a calm, focused writing environment for you. Use the application on any device – iA Writer is available for pc and mobile devices and is compatible with absolutely any OS.

Where can be used: Desktop and mobile apps

Grammarly Native Apps 

The native apps from Grammarly – intended for use with Mac as well as Windows – give you a chance of focusing on writing without any external distractions. Set the writing mode yourself – turn on beneficial drafting instructions on every stage – from tones to checking punctuation or block them and go on working on the text.

Where can be used: Desktop applications for Mac and Windows

Ensure the success of your writing project!

Dedicate all your resources to the drafting project. Use the above best free drafting apps to make your writing skills better, fix mistakes, and plan your time smartly. Never miss deadlines and run successful drafting projects!