Book Writing Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Writing a book is tough work. No matter how many works you have written, it never gets easy and fast. At some point, you might think that there has to be a tool to make the life of a writer easier. Fortunately, there are some handy instruments that every writer should add to his toolbox – and we have prepared a top selection of best book writing apps.

Best software for writers

Every professional has a selection of apps for writing a book that helps him do his job better. Writing a book is no different. Of course, using a writing software solution will help you produce premium-quality content; however, it won’t produce content for your book from nothing. Thus, by employing any of the below writing book apps, you get things easier.

1. Scrivener 

It is the premium book writing solution developed by writers and specifically for writers. The solution allows you to divide the work into parts/ sections that logically introduce the content. You can set up targets, project specific goals, monitor their accomplishment, and keep track of your progress every day. There is also an additional set of features to format the book for publishing. Although the formatting process is a bit complicated in Scrivener, having tried it once, you will get your hand used at it. Add Scrivener Superpowers to your toolbox of the best apps for writing to save time on creative writing.

Price: $49 – Mac, $45 – Windows

2. Google Docs

Being one of the good writing apps, Scrivener has a gap when it comes to paper editing, content optimizing, and feedback sharing. Here is where Google Docs comes to rescue. The app is free, tech easy, and stores paper version edits since all the data are online so that you can access it at any point of time. Taking into account a bundle of its unique features, it is a one-point solution to work closely with your team (SEO specialists, editors, proofreaders, PO’s, etc.) and produce premium-quality content.

Price: Free

3. Google Sheets

Google Sheets allows getting a sense of your whole book at a glance with all its sections and chapters. Wondering why it is so important? Everything is easy – when working on a 500-page document, tracking all the information becomes critical.

Use Google Sheets to:

  • Do character tracking;
  • Review scene lists;
  • Create outlines;
  • Do foolscap.

The solution is also perfect for quick sharing of your documents with your team, writing partners, or beta readers to collect their feedback and review their comments. No other best novel writing apps will do the same for you!

Price: Free!

4. Vellum 

Vellum is a great tool to translate your handwriting work into an eBook. The best feature of the solution is the previewer; it gives you a chance to see how each edit made will look like on a screen of any eReaders. Vellum also has a formatting feature that has been developed specifically for eBooks.

Price: $199 – eBook generation, $249 – Paperback Formatting

5. Freedom 

Want to block all the “disturbers” and stay 100% focused on writing? There is a special program developed solely for this purpose. The Freedom app allows you to disable any online distractions for the time you are busy with book writing. So every time you decide to scroll through your Facebook timeline, you won’t be able to do so since the site won’t load. Set up regular “time-optimization” sessions – block access to specific sites at a specific time to enhance the writing process.

You can use some other best apps for writing a book (Self-Control or StayFocused) for this purpose. However, Freedom features advanced functionality to disable any sites for your accessing on a pc, smartphone, tablet, or even on all of these.

Price: $29 / year for app Pro version (trial option available for free)

6. Microsoft Word 

The handwriting era is over. Nowadays, it is a way easier to type the text on a PC/ smartphone and make use of Microsoft Word to format the paper and access it at any point in time. You can also make edits to the already written text, track changes, and write your comments if necessary in Microsoft Word documents.

Price: $69 / year from Amazon 

7. Ulysses 

If you want to stay tuned to writing 24/7, then Ulysses is a perfect-match solution for you. This word processor can synchronize all your devices and provides access to the latest book version no matter you are at the moment. The process of producing book content gets easy, problem-free, and less effort-consuming.

Price: $45

8. ProWritingAid

Struggle with grammar? Need to fix spelling? Want to perfect sentence structure or your writing style, then the ProwritingAid app will save you from the nightmare editing. Of course, the software piece will make a book ready from nothing, but it can guide you on the patterns and make you an advanced writer.

The solution has a free trial version. You can even install it as a browser extension or a Word processor and check your writing quality wherever you write. In case you need an advanced set of features, you can use a paid version of ProWrtingAid by purchasing the yearly subscription for $60.

Price: Free (premium account is $60 / year)

9. Hemingway App 

Want to make sure that your writing is easy to grasp? It is where Hemingway App will help you ensure that your writing is easy to grasp and that the reader is on the same page with you. The solution is free of charge and checks the readability of any text. All to be done is the ready-made text submitted into the input box and click the check button. The solution will scan the text in a few seconds and score your writing based on the vocabulary used, passive constructions, and sentence structure.

Price: Free!